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Media Kit DiarioDigitalUSA.com

Media Kit DiarioDigitalUSA.com

Download our 2017 Media Kit Here: MEDIA KIT 2017 (PDF)

Media Kit DiarioDigitalUSA.com …Diario Digital USA is Independently owned Online Media Agency offering a daily news source in the Spanish language.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and third most spoken around the world. Not everyone who speaks Spanish is Hispanic though. We have discovered that our audience is as diverse and culturally mixed as any media on the Anglo side in the United States.

Spanish language news and our broadcasts carry the same interest based and news worthy content our english speaking counterparts do. Although we may cover topics of interest to Hispanics, we don’t consider ourselves an Hispanic News Outlet per se as our general interest are broad. We cover our news in Spanish, in the most culturally neutral way possible.  

Our network of global newsdesks, coupled with our local affiliates(DiarioSTL, DiarioKC, DiarioINDY, DiarioChicago, DiarioMiami) make us a trusted news and information source in 58 countries around the world with annual followings of over 9 Million users in 2016.

Of these, our LOCAL news desks are the most developed and engaging on a community level.

Local Newsdesks:

www.diariodigitalstl.com – St. Louis, MO

Telediariostl.com – Newscast for St. Louis, MO

Our all-in-one site for daily, 24/7 local, national and international news and political reports related to the Hispanic communities in the United States. Including this vital communications channel in a diversified advertising plan allows your company to reach the full spectrum of our large audience.


Much more than just a daily news source, our local news desks provide vital community information and services in the Spanish Language using largest multi-media platform in Missouri for an ethnic meida outlet. We include online video, mobile, social and direct content marketing to reach and inform our audiences in Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Jefferson City (MO), Indianápolis and Louisville. Our multi faceted content catalog keeps our readers engaged locally and regionally while offering exciting advertising opportunities  for every budget.

Engage, Inform, Influence

As the leading Hispanic news and information company in Missouri, Diario-Digital.com is changing the definition of traditional media in a Hispanic Market, making us a fully integrated multimedia company.

Connecting to Hispanic audiences on multiple platforms such as Online, Mobile, Video and Social Media with content that engages and informs is our distinct advantage.

[quote align=”center” color=”#FF0000]Our unique content is what continues to drive our huge growth![/quote]



Banner ads and website placement are just some of the solutions we offer to our clients wishing to reach the Hispanic Demographic. With all the full features of the Internet at our disposal, Diario-Digital.com provides a full toolbox of marketing solutions to include:

[tab_item title=”Custom E-Blasts”]Connect to your customers with targeted custom email blasts. Blasts are tailored to your specific message or seasonal promotions and are linkable.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title=”Floating Ads”]Break through the clutter and grab attention immediately. Our high-resolution, award-winning ad department can present your product or service in the best light. Additionally, you can supplement your ad with our FREE CLASSIFIEDS![/tab_item]

[tab_item title=”Native Video Ads”]Give us your video Advertising and we will showcase it throughout the site. We will translate or transcribe your voiceover for you![/tab_item]

Connecting to Hispanics  with a wide range of multimedia possibilities.

 Diario-Digital.com delivers true journalism in an online format. We cover the world of Hispanic interests in Missouri and Illinois with a staff of trained professional journalists with over 160 years of combined experience. Diario-Digital.com connects you to Missouri and Illinois Hispanic communities with the added bonus of a global following allowing your brand to reach new markets in and out of our coverage area. Diario-Digital.com is the premier choice for Hispanics in the markets we serve, with readers as far away as Spain and Argentina or as close as St. Louis, Chicago and Kansas City.

By covering the news in a regional and local format we connect Hispanics over a larger LOCAL geographic area than traditional local media and share in the cultural interests some neighbor cities share, for instance (St. Louis and Kansas City).